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Google introduced Android Auto, its operating system for Cars

Google is preparing to launch an Android interface built especially for cars, designed to take drivers’ eyes off the screens of mobile phones while driving and increase the road safety of the roads of the world. The system is called Android Auto and expected to debut on a production car in 2015.

Android Auto only works with voice commands, so there is no need for the driver to look away from the road.
Patrick Brady – Development manager for Google Android

Android Auto 2015

Google Android Auto

Google Android Auto System

Google presented during its annual conference the interface of Android Auto, an adapted version of its famous operating system for smartphones and tablets. Unveiling the system built just for cars comes shortly after the presentation of its rival – Apple, which just released “CarPlay”. In the case of Google, the partners are as numerous and include names such as Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, Honda, Hyundai, Nissan and Volkswagen.

By presenting this multimedia interface, Google follows the path paved by Apple and Microsoft in integrating technology into cars in a harmonious way, to avoid cases where using the system or the smartphone may lead to accidents. On the other side, Apple has struck a deal with Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo for its Multimedia Interface.

There are dozens of platforms, brands and interfaces for each market and there is no centralized solution to distribute all applications or an update. It would be great if we could make car apps like we do apps for phones and tablets. I have good news for you, we expect a bright future.
Patrick Brady – Development manager for Google Android

Google Android Auto Interface

The new interface of Google, called Google Link in its previous versions, is the first result of the Open Automotive Alliance partnership, a group of several major companies gathered to develop such systems. As explained by representatives of Google, Android Auto operating system is not actually created for cars, but a interface “project”, namely the graphical representation of the Android interface screen connected on the multimedia system of the car. Therefore, car manufacturers will continue their own interfaces, while drivers will have the possibility of using their mobile phone via native interface controls integrated into the car.

Android Auto 2014

Google Android Auto

Hyundai could be the first automaker to use Google interface on a production model with the 2015 generation of Sonata. Google representatives did not say which will be the first model that will benefit their operating system developed for cars. In any case, the list of brands that will provide Android Auto is quite long, including 28 names at this time, from Abarth to Volvo. Some of these brands have a collaboration with Apple in this direction, which means that drivers of models that will support technology from Google will be able to connect their iPhone and vice versa, without the hassle at least in theory.

For drivers who do not have smartphones and do not want to connect it to their car, each model promises a dedicated multimedia interface, free of any mobile operating system, as is currently the case.

Google Android Auto Video

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