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Google has filed a patent for gesture-based car commands

Google has submitted a patent covering commands for a car based simply on gestures . The system uses two cameras to track the movements of the driver.

Flutter Control Gesture Recognition by Google

Google: Flutter Gesture Recognition

Google prepares to revolutionize the multimedia systems in future cars. The American multinational corporation specialized in Internet-related services and products has applied for patenting the technology to control a car system through gestures. The system involves two cameras mounted on the roof of a car, one of them using laser technology and the other being able to perceive depth. According to the driver’s movement, the system would perform certain predetermined or predefined commands.

Flutter and Gesture Recognition technology ready for the Google autonomous vehicle

The rumors of Google ‘s intentions appeared shortly after the new acquisition of Flutter, a gesture recognition technology start-up. Flutter has a special program which used images from a webcam in order to perform a number of actions depending on how the user’s hand move.

Google submitted the patent application one day after they acquired the Flutter company, so we can assume that the new technology involves the know-how of newly purchased company. Absolutely ironic, the Google made a April Fools’ Day hoax about replacing the keyboard and mouse with the gestures made by the user in front of a monitor.

You mustn’t get too excited about the new gesture recognition system, which is many years away from a debut on a production vehicle. Most likely, the innovative system control prepared by Google will debut only after they launch their autonomous car, the driver being able keep his hands busy with gestures that will operate the multimedia system, eliminating the temptation to want to drive the car.

Video: Flutter Control Gesture Recognition

Gesture-based car commands via Google

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