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Hello and welcome to Car-Addicts.com. We don’t have to much words to say, we just take you on a fast cruise to see the latest car news , car surveys, videos, wallpapers, car and girls, tuned cars and much more. – Everything brought especially for the car addict in you! The entire project started from our passion to write about cars. We were daily following many auto related websites for the latest car news but weren’t happy of the content we found. Most of them only brought one new thing in a hole week. That’s why we’ve decided to make our own auto website kept up to date for real and dedicated to all the guys in the world as car addicts as we are. 🙂 This is just our first article, if you want a “more official description” you can head for the About Us button from the top. Our team hopes to get fans and create a community among others. As you might get to this page from Google we invite you to hit the Home button or choose from the Categories /Car Logos you have in your right —> to see as we’ve mentioned before, the latest car news you can find on the internet!

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  1. Horray, you guys are finally back! 😀

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