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Ford sharply criticizes EU for delaying emission limit of 95 g/km by 2020

Ford issued a press release criticizing the European Union’s decision to postpone the pollution limit of 95 g/km by 2020. Ford accuses EU of protecting German premium manufacturers such as Audi, BMW and Mercedes.

ford focus ecoboost engine

Ford Focus 1.0 Liter Ecoboost Engine

Two days ago, the European Union has set new restrictions on CO2 emissions for car manufacturers working on the Old Continent. A controversial decision, which has been making waves and sparked controversy since its announcement.

It seems that the effects continue to be felt as Ford is the first manufacturer that seems to speak against the decision. The Americans have criticized the decision to postpone the strict emissions standards for 2020, a decision that encourages German manufacturers who are unable to meet the average limit of 95 g/km.

Germany intervened with the EU representatives to be more permissive when it comes to pollution limits, helping premium manufacturers like BMW, Mercedes and Audi to align regulations. Compliance with a limit of 95 g/km would be extremely difficult to achieve by the German triad, since the engines they sell are usually quite large.

ford focus 1.0 3 cylinder

focus 1.0 3 cylinder engine

According to unofficial sources, Germany is looking for more than just a delay of the pollution rules, trying even to abolish them. Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor said that she does not intend to change the pollution standards, but a final decision will be taken only after the elections held this fall.

Ford vs Germans

Germany fears that a reduced rate of CO2 will favor French manufacturers (Renault and PSA) and Italians (Fiat), which have a wide range of models with smaller engines. Those who fail to align standards, the three German manufacturers, will have to pay severe fines for exceeding the European average.

Ford officials have issued an official statement that criticizes EU decision. “A company dedicated to reducing CO2 emissions through the development of highly advanced technologies, Ford, is disappointed by the decision of the EU. At this point we must regroup to determine the steps we have to follow. “

Ford seems to have the resources necessary to achieve the average of 95 g / km before 2020 (EcoBoost engine is just an example). Emission value is equivalent to an average consumption of 4 liters per 100 kilometers. Currently, the European limit is 132 g/km, but it will drop to 130 g/km by 2015. Good news is: the new Ford Mustang should now have 1500 hp!


Sad Day for Green

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