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The new Ford Focus RS500 – launched tomorrow!

Ford Focus RS will say the last word in performance with the new RS500 version, a limited series reclaiming the past. Here are the official pictures.

Ford Focus RS
will have a more powerful evil twin as is rumored for some time. It was originally said it would be a Clubsport version, but more recently the name we keep hearing is RS500, thus invoking the memory of Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 model appeared in 1987 which at that time had 225 hp!

The Britain’s from Autoexpress confirmed that the new model will have 350 hp from a 2.5 Turbo engine invented by the guys from Mountune.

The bad news is that this version will have some serious competition: will reach 100 km / h in 5.6 seconds, with just 0.1 seconds earlier than the VW Golf R , a car that has 80 horsepower less, but 4 wheel drive.

The launch of the new Ford Focus RS500 is tomorrow, but till then you can see this short teaser while the car was tested in Lommel at night, the playground of Ford in Belgium. The reason this car is seen racing in the dark has its meaning: this version will be available only in matte black paint with black rims.

Only 500 units of this black night will be created as the name: RS 500 also mentions!


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