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Ford is one of The Most Ethical Companies in the World

Ford is the only manufacturer of cars included in Ethisphere list of most ethical companies in the world 100.

Ethisphere Institute, an organization renowned in the field of ethics, acknowledged Ford Motor Company as one of the most ethical companies in the world. Ford is the only company in the annual list of the 100 mentioned by Ethisphere that produces cars. Ford Company was selected for this award from a crowd made up of thousands of companies belonging to over 100 countries and 36 industries.

Compared with the previous year, 24 companies left the list of top 100 ethical companies in the world and 26 companies are new entered in this ranking. Companies that have gone left this list due to disputes or violations of ethics, and because of competition in the industry. Outs included review criteria code of ethics, litigation and criminal history, assessing investment in innovation and sustainable business practices, the study activities with aim to improve corporate citizenship and the results of discussions with representatives, employees, suppliers and customers of each specific companies.

“As a body, we faced historical challenges past years, supporting us on a solid plan and outstanding shares. Our products in the market won a growing number of customers, but its significant recognition of actions brought by third parties with our reputation,” said David Leitch, general counsel and vice president of Ford Motor Company.

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