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Ferrari was declared “World’s Most Powerful Brand”

The Global 500 study conducted by Brand Finance revealed that Ferrari is “the most powerful brand in the world”. Americans from Apple have been named “most valuable brand in the world”.

2012 World Most Powerful Brand Ferrari

Ferrari won World’s Most Powerful Brand

Ferrari has been awarded the “World’s Most Powerful Brand” title by Brand Finance, experts in such evaluations. Italian car manufacturer won the title as it is the most successful team in Formula 1, has a great relationship with its customers and produces the best cars in the world.

The English have published only the first five positions of the ranking “The most powerful brand in the world in 2012” and pointed out that Apple has surpassed Samsung for “most valuable brand”. Despite Appleā€™s good ranking, the brand rating dropped from AAA+ to AAA.

World’s Most Powerful Brand

“It is always a joy to get first position on any list, especially when candidates are some of the most famous companies in the world. This achievement proves that Italy can provide evidence of excellence even in the toughest economic situations. Behind this achievement are exceptional products made by exceptional people. Employees have made this possible and for that I thank them.” said Luca di Montezemolo, President of Ferrari.

The study conducted by Brand Finance takes into account the average revenue per customer, the expenses of advertising and marketing departments, profit margin and quality parameters such as brand loyalty and affection shown by the customer for that particular brand.

Whole process has six steps and includes historical financial results, forecasts for five years based on three sources, a number of growth estimates of the brand in question and calculating a number of internal factors by experts from Brand Finance.

These are Top 5 Brands according to Brand Finance.

Position Brand
1 Ferrari
2 Google
3 Coca-Cola
4 PwC
5 Hermes
2013 Ferrari F138 F1 Car Photos

Ferrari F138 Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa


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