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European Car of the Year 2011 is Nissan Leaf

Nissan Leaf became the first alternative-powered model awarded at Car of the Year 2011 Europe. Dacia Duster was the last among the seven finalists.

Nissan Leaf, the first electric model from Nissan, has won the European Car of the Year 2011. Title won by the Japanese once again emphasizes that ecological models are gaining both market and specialty boards in the preferences. Dacia Duster, the only SUV that entered the final Car of the Year 2011 final was the last among the seven finalists.

Nissan Leaf collected 257 points, managed to win first place after a fight shoulder to shoulder with Alfa Romeo Giulietta. The Italian managed to ranked second in the rankings with 248 points. Moreover, the end was very tight, ranked third model on the catwalk – Opel Meriva – collecting just four points less than Alfa Romeo Giulietta.

Outside the podium were ranked Ford C-Max (224 points), Citroen C3 / Citroen DS3 (175 points) and Volvo S60 / Volvo V60, with 145 points. Dacia Duster settles the seventh position with 132 points.

1. NISSAN LEAF (257p)
2. Alfa Romeo Giulietta (248p)
3. Opel Meriva (244p)
4. Ford C-Max (224p)
5. Citroen C3/DS3 (175p)
6. Volvo S60/V60 (145p)
7. Dacia Duster (132p)

ANALYSIS: How was voted Car of the Year 2011 – between Nissan Leaf and Dacia Duster

Car-Addicts considered jury’s opinions and came with some conclusions. For example:

We can learn from the Germans Georg Kacher and Joerg Reichle how to vote the same, not to offend anyone.
Of course, we can learn from the two Portuguese on the jury how to swear in public without nobody noticing. Virtually. Or, if appropriate, how to make your country look good if you gather the votes of the two members.
For the Italians and the Spaniards can learn how to make common cause. In vain, as we saw at the end.
From northern how to  be stubborn. The official common explanation is that Dacia Duster was not released in that country. Like Nissan Leaf is running freely on the northern stress.
Passing over the two Germans above, from Romanian, Slovenian, Russian and a French figure out how to vote so balanced that no one is upset.
From Nissan Leaf learn how to take three 10 points and nine zero points, but to win.
From the Alfa Romeo Giulietta learn how not to take more than 8 points, but finished in second place and how to be the only model from competition that take points from all jury members, but not to win.
From the Dacia Duster learn how to enter the finals, although half of the voters put you on the seventh of seven and 13 of the jury members give you zero points.
From the Turkish we figure it out how to give Dacia Duster zero points, though in explanation you praise the car.
Is European Car of the Year 2011 something like Eurovision?

NISSAN LEAF – an absolute novelty or still too raw?

Recently ended European Car of the Year 2011 competition has been one of the most contentious to date editions of the major European competitions of this type. If you usually talking about a winner who has attracted the sympathy of many members of the jury and was considered little more than others, Nissan Leaf – the winning of this year – received votes of the most complex, they ranged from the maximum points possible (10) to minimum (0).

In principle, an analysis of votes by the 57 jurors shows that opinions about the merit of Nissan’s electric model to be elected Car of the Year 2011 in Europe were diametrically opposed. Thus, 20 jurors have awarded the most points for Nissan Leaf, three of them (one French, one German and one Norwegian) even giving him 10 points, more than one model available. On the other hand, there were 13 jurors who believed that Nissan Leaf should be last in the final seven, nine of them giving it zero points.

From the explanations of both parties, we conclude that Nissan Leaf was praised for technological solutions for positioning, but was downgraded because the jury found that a model with lowered self and not have a large enough network load can be issued claims.

Analysis shows that the nation votes on the six Spaniards in the jury present voted massively against Leaf (six, four and were awarded zero points, two gave it a point), they are double the Italians (Leaf received zero points from four of the six Italian members of the jury). On the other hand, the British, French, Hungarians and the jury of the Nordic countries have seriously contributed to the dowry of points collected by Leaf. The Germans had mixed opinions (1, 2, 7, 7 and 10 points), while two judges were present in the Portuguese were in different camps (seven points from one, zero from the other).

DACIA DUSTER – Between cheap, good, Spartan and retrograde

Dacia Duster‘s surprise appearance among the seven finalists for European Car of the Year 2011 was the most successful for the Romanian car producer. Romanian SUV contest finished in last place among the finalists, but managed to attract attention and even receive the most points from six of the members of the jury.

Most points obtained by Dacia Duster came from a Belgian (Stephane Lemeret – 7), a Frenchman (Alain-Gabriel Verdevoye – 8), a Portuguese (Francisco Mota – 8), a Russian (Vadim Ovsiakin – 6 ), a Spanish (Sergio Piccioni – 7) and, somewhat normal, the sole Romanian member of the jury, Dan Vardi (6 points). Dacia Duster also received eight points from Frenchman Jean-Jacques Cornaert, which put the first position Nissan Leaf. On the other hand, 28 jurors had put him on the Duster in the last position in terms of personal choices, 13 of them giving him zero points.

In principle, the discussion focused on the contradictory of the jurors in the case of the Dacia Duster, the differences between the obvious advantages of the Romanian model (accessibility) and the obvious disadvantages, highlighted by the fact that the Romanian model don’t contribute to the development of auto industry. There were at least curious views, as the Danish or the Norwegian Rune Peter and Aaboe Korsvoll. They gave it the Duster one, respectively zero points, a part of their motivation is the fact that the Romanian model is not available on the Nordic markets in these countries. However, Aaboe and Korsvoll and did not hesitate to grant Nissan Leaf 10 and 5 points, while the electric car is not running yet on any European road.

The votes show that the worst notes for Dacia Duster come from the British, the Swiss, the jurors in the Nordic countries (Sweden and all were granted  Duster zero points) or the Dutch. Although Dacia has managed to attract enough customers in Germany and Italy, the judges in these countries and were awarded the maximum three points (Germans went on 0-1-3-1-3-1 points, while the two Italians – 3-2-3-2-2). On the other hand, stood well in votes by Russians, the French (although Philippe Gegout awarded zero points), the Portuguese and partly from Spaniards.

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