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Euro NCAP: Alfa Romeo Giulietta is the safest compact car in history!

Alfa Romeo Giulietta exceeded the Volkswagen Golf in the ranking of safest compact car in history. At the same session EuroNCAP, BMW 5 Series has received five stars, and Mazda CX-7 has four stars.

Euro NCAP presented the latest results of safety testing sessions under the new criteria. Alfa Romeo Giulietta, the BMW 5 Series and the Mazda CX-7 facelift were tested. As usual, scientists from EuroNCAP have measured the adult protection, child protection, pedestrian protection, the safety equipment to prevent accidents and rear impact protection. Alfa Romeo Giulietta became the safest compact car ever tested by the European body and BMW 5 Series is the first model to obtain the maximum score for the electronic support systems. Furthermore, the Mazda CX-7 facelift deeply disappointed and got only four stars for this test.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta, the newest model from the manufacturer in Milan, received five star EuroNCAP overall. Adult occupant protection was rated at 97% and child protection was rated at 85%. Pedestrians are somewhat “less” protected, Giulietta with a coefficient of 63% of pedestrian protection – the problem areas are the windscreen, while the engine bonnet ends with marginal protection for pedestrians. Level of safety support systems were quoted at 86% for the standard ESP warning system for belt protection for all occupants. Giulietta is the safest compact car that EuroNCAP tested under the new criteria. Most of the praise that Fiat will get five stars even in 2012 when Euro NCAP safety criteria will be tightened.

BMW 5 Series F10 received five stars in Euro NCAP safety tests. The model received 95% of the total points for occupant protection, 83% for child protection and  78% for pedestrian protection. If at thr pedestrian protection, the BMW model had trouble bonnet on the edge, which offers poor protection for impact with a pedestrian and two areas on the windscreen at the ends of that – even in the rear right side. Moreover, the model in Munich received the maximum score for the level of safety assist, being equipped with electronic stability control standard, active speed control system maximum standard warning for not wearing safety belts for all passengers . German model is first to obtain the maximum score in the category Safety Assist.

Mazda CX-7 has obtained the worst result of this session of the Euro NCAP test, only received four stars in safety tests. Adult Protection was quoted at 76% and child protection was rated at 79%. Pedestrian protection has received only 43% of maximum points, while the level of active safety equipment was reaching 71% of the total points available. The model has not received enough points for adult occupant protection to obtain a total of five stars because the front passenger knee and their femurs are at risk because of the lower part of dashboard. Chest protection was categorized as poor if the side impact and rear impact protection in the case was also weak.

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