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Dieselgate News: 2.1 mil Audi and 1.2 mil Skoda cars are affected worldwide

Audi confirmed that more than two million cars already sold worldwide have installed the software that fools emission testing. A quarter of them were bought by German clients. Skoda officials confirmed the existence of 1.2 million cars worldwide that are equipped with engines that are in the same situation.

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DIESELGATE Audi – 2.1 million cars affected

Once the Volkswagen Group announced last week that 11 million cars of its brandsbenefits” from the contribution of the illegal software that detects and manipulates the official tests of emissions and consumption, we find that this figure included 2.1 million Audi models sold worldwide.

According to statistics provided by the Ingolstadt brand, of which 1.42 million cars were sold in Western Europe, reaching 577,000 German customers. Overall, 13,000 units of Audi affected by the incriminated software were sold in the US, the country that started the scandal that led to the resignation of Martin Winterkorn, the former CEO of the Volkswagen Group.

In the list of affected models included different TDI engines are Euro 5 models mounted on A1, A3, A4, A5, A6, TT, Q5 and Q3 and sold between 2008 and 2015. According to preliminary official information, Euro 6 engines on existing models of the  German brand are not included in this situation.

DIESELGATE Skoda – 1.2 million cars affected

Of the 11 million cars in the Volkswagen Group portfolio that are equipped with a program for manipulating official tests of emissions and consumption, 1.2 million Skoda units are equipped with the incriminated TDI engine. The Czech brand sold these vehicles globally and has fewer cars affected by the future recall than has been prepared by the Volkswagen Group.

For example, in the case of Volkswagen, we are talking about 5 million cars equipped with the system that allows the drive from the engine to detect it tested for emissions and consumption and applying a map injection specifically for this circumstances.

DIESELGATE Seat – still no comments

Seat is the last brand of the Volkswagen Group that uses the incriminated diesel engines and has not yet announced what will be the number of vehicles affected by this service recall. Given that volume brand in Martorell use diesel engines developed and manufactured by Volkswagen, it is only a matter of time until he announced the number of vehicles affected by this situation.

DIESELGATE Porsche – not affected

Porsche, which offers a V6 TDI engine, were delimited by this situation since September 23, when they stated that the Dieselgate” scandal doesn’t affect the Porsche models equipped with diesel engines. “Porsche conduct their own tests and calibration emissions. We are not affected by the Volkswagen problem,” said a Porsche spokesman.

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