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Daimler and Toyota could work together to develop fuel cell technology

Germans from Daimler could collaborate with the Japanese from Toyota for the development and production of hydrogen powered vehicles. Cooperation between the two giants is at least interesting, since both have worked with Tesla at a time – the technology acquired by Daimler for the Smart electric version in exchange for shares(market stock) in Tesla, and Toyota has just started working with people from Tesla. The two world-renowned manufacturers want to minimize the development costs of cars that will take some time and the technology they will use.

Cooperation between Toyota and Daimler is the first project of this scale between the two manufacturers. Fuel cells – how do they work: they use a reaction between oxygen and hydrogen to produce electricity in a process that does not emit gases that contribute to global warming. German Corporation has already developed fuel cell vehicles powered by them, but development and production costs of these vehicles are too high because they make return in the near future. Even those at Toyota have estimated that it will go another 10 years before this technology will be offered to the public.

Toyota is investigating fuel cell technology since 1992, and Daimler made the first steps in this area in 1994. German manufacturer has already invested more than one billion euros (1.23 billion dollars) in projects to develop fuel cell technology for mass production. Hydrogen production and it emits pollutants, environmentalists and announcing that this technology must be improved before it is publicly available. The same problem occurs for electric vehicles, which is the difference between theoretical possibility to load much faster a vehicle fueled by hydrogen, in a manner similar to that in modern vehicles are fueled at a gas station.

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