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Dacia X52 – close to completion

Dacia X52 – reality or just rumors

Dacia’ s new Logan close to completion. Codename: X52. Renault and Dacia Automobile are in the middle of their project for the model which will replace the current Dacia Logan in 2012. This type of car has been sold in more than 1, 25 million units, counting the six models developed on the same technical platform.

Dacia X52

The new Dacia X52?

Therefore, most of the local and foreign suppliers are negotiating contracts with Renault for supplying components for the future model. Moreover, they have already carried out tests and have begun the implementation and modification of production flow. As in the case of X90, the current Logan model, the details about Dacia X52 and the next generation of Logan are kept secret, so that suppliers do not know how the future Dacia looks like.

Dacia X52 – what are the novelties

In terms of technical details regarding Dacia X52, certainly there are many changes. “ We have new projects with VW and Renault. The future Dacia model has basically the same engine, with small changes. The engine is more efficient, it has carbon emissions and lower fuel consumption”, said Catalin Tischer, manager of Mahle, which produces engine air filters.

In the present moment the competition of Logan in the low- cost market is represented by the previous- generation car models of international manufacturers.

Thus, Opel maintained the production of Astra Classic, Hyundai the Accent model and Peugeot has redesigned the 206 model. “All providers are now negotiating for the Logan Project“, said Cagri Inal, the manager of AKA automotive factory , which produces car locks.

Peugeot Citroen is now negotiating a contract for the series production of components to be integrated into the low- cost competitor of Dacia. Peugeot model, named M3 and Citroen model, called M4 will thus synchronize with the launch of Logan II in 2012.

Dacia X52

The new Dacia X52?

We will reveal fresh news about the Dacia X52 project as new info will arise.

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