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Dacia Sandero Facelift

Renault unveiled in Brazil the first photos of the Sandero restyled version. Although in South America bears the logo of the French, we expect that Dacia Sandero Facelift version to be identical.

After a series of unofficial pictures that emerged in the South American press, Brazilians publish the first official information and images of the new Sandero Facelift. The small class model, sold on the Latin American market under the Renault brand enjoys a new face and a heavily revised interior.

Exterior design

Designed by Renault’s design studio opened in South America, the new Sandero take design elements from older siblings, Clio and Megane, models that are successful in Europe. The frontsl look was radically changed by replacing the spoiler, through discreet retouching of headlight and grille replacement.

Although  design adopts Renault’s philosophy, the Romanian brother Dacia Sandero, will take the changes and will only apply its logo on the newly facelift. In the rear, the changes are more light, designers making changes only at the optical blocks and the model name being centered on the trunk door, like the example offered by Duster.

New Interior

Major changes brought to the Sadero Facelift interior, where the manufacturer seems to have taken into account the pleas of fans and customers. Although the center console general lines are keeping the old pattern, in the center we are talking about a different control panel with relocated functions, with better materials and a glossy plastic, similar to the one installed on Dacia Duster.

Most important change will be undoubtedly the modification of controls operating electric windows. They leave the central area of ​​the dashboard and moves, as was natural, on the door. Dacia Sandero also receives a relocation of functions from the central area of the dashboard, where everything seems more animated, thanks to a new sound system and reposition of controls. The board instrument display has been changed and it is seriously something more colorful now.

Moreover, engineers say that they came up with a better soundproof for the interior. Also in improvements section we mention  interior control for opening  the tank lid.

Sandero Stepway Facelift

The derivative with slightly high ground clearance, Sandero Stepway, was also subject to a facelift operation. Unlike his brother, Stepway comes with a grid that does not receives the body paint, with plastic strips on the sills and at the thresholds level, with a little more pronounced front spoiler, with optical blocks on a black background, with a different upholstery and of course with logos that individualize the model . Both Dacia Sandero and Sandero Stepway receivde new wheels, 15 and 16 inches.

From the mechanical point of view, Dacia Sandero comes with no changes. The same petrol and diesel units. Those who wanted an automatic gearbox will have to wait a while.

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