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Dacia Sandero Cabrio : Dream or Reality?

Dream or reality is the question that comes in our mind when we see this picture sent by Liviu Andronic, a simple romanian with some talent in Adobe Photoshop! Hope or just dreams? He created a sketch for a Dacia Sandero Cabrio which, in our opinion looks extremely good! What do you think?

Dacia is becoming a brand, largely helped by the car crisis. After the cars based on the Logan platform, Logan MCV and the Sandero which were a big attraction for the public in Western Europe, came along the cheapest SUV in the world, Dacia Duster who made the brand even more famous!

This means that we can dream, for in a few years cars will be available for everyone in very small prices. And, as we all like, we hope Dacia will bring a very cheap car for the daily city use.


  1. Looks kinda cool…i don’t know, maybe they’ll make the dream a reality! 🙂 If it’s cheap i would buy one..

  2. Beautiful website!

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