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The Japanese brands lead the U.S. Consumer Reports for Car Reliability

Consumer Reports (USA) has published the 2013 rankings for The Most Reliable Cars and The Most Reliable Car Brands. Lexus has achieved the first position, followed by Toyota, while Audi was the highest ranked European brand.

Lexus ranked most reliable in the U.S. auto industry in Consumer Reports' annual new-car reliability survey

Lexus ranked most reliable in the U.S. auto industry in Consumer Reports’ annual new-car reliability survey

Lexus, Toyota and Acura, three Japanese brands have made the podium in the new car reliability survey from Consumer Reports, an independent American magazine. The annual study uses questionnaires sent to the readers, who assess the reliability of their own cars, provided they do not exceed a certain age boundary.

Consumer Reports – The Ranking Rules

The ranking attempts to quantify the estimated reliability of the active brands on the United States market based on forms submitted by the relevant models’ customers sold in the U.S. In the absence of sufficient data, Consumer Reports avoided publishing information about certain brands, the internal rule of the that publication being to have at least 1,000 responses from the clients of a particular model and that brand to have at least two models tested by Consumer Reports.

The survey covered 4 million printed questionnaire and 3.2 million online questionnaires sent to the Consumer Reports subscribers. 900,000 respondents were included in the analysis that gathered 1.1 million vehicles up to 10 years old. We must emphasize that these vehicles are different in many cases than those offered by the same brands on the global market, some of which are offered exclusively to the U.S. customers.

From the 1.1 million cars, Consumer Reports used the data for the study of 400,000 cars, the information being used to evaluate only the latest generation of each eligible model and involves only vehicles for up to three years old.

Ultimately, eight Japanese brands have managed to rank in the Top 10 of the 2013 edition of the most reliable cars and the most reliable car brands in the Consumer Reports survey. We are talking about Lexus, Toyota, Acura, Mazda, Infiniti, Honda, Subaru and Scion.

Among European brands, the best ranked is Audi, who got fourth place, rising four positions from the previous year. The second highest ranked European brand is Volvo, evaluated only with three models, but the car manufacturer that had the highest rise over the previous year: 13 positions. Mercedes-Benz ranks third in the top European brand, ranking only 13th in the survey, being followed by Porsche, BMW, Kia and Chevrolet.

Consumer Reports – Car Reliability Survey Rankings

Consumer Reports LEXUS Tops Reliability Survey 2013

* Toyota, Lexus brands top new-car reliability survey

* Subaru Forester rated most reliable vehicle

DETROIT, Oct 28 (Reuters) – Toyota Motor Corp’s reputation for quality took a hit on Monday when influential magazine Consumer Reports pulled its recommendation on three of the Japanese automaker’s vehicles, including its popular flagship Camry sedan, due to poor crash test results.

“We’re a year into it, we’ve got over 50 vehicles tested and there’s enough that are doing adequately on this test that now we’re making the shift and pulling recommendations from any car that gets a poor” rating, Jake Fisher, director of auto testing at Consumer Reports, said of the IIHS test.

“Honestly, we don’t take this lightly, but virtually every vehicle now in the family sedan category has been tested and the only one that has gotten a ‘poor’ is the Camry,” he added. “At this point, we don’t feel we can continue to recommend people buy a Camry when there’s other good choices out there that do better on the test.”


In its annual reliability rankings, Toyota’s Lexus was at the top, followed by the Toyota brand. Rounding out the top 10 were Honda’s Acura, Audi, Mazda, Nissan’s Infiniti, Volvo, Honda, General Motors Co’s GMC truck brand and Subaru.

The vehicle with the top predicted reliability score was the 2014 Subaru Forester SUV, while Ford Co’s C-Max Energi plug-in hybrid vehicle received the worst score, Consumer Reports said.

Consumer Reports said the findings in its survey are based on subscribers’ experiences with 1.1 million vehicles. It uses the findings to compile reliability histories on vehicles and predict how well new cars will hold up.

The most Reliable Cars and the most Reliable Car Brands via Consumer Reports


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