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Chrysler recalls 840,000 cars in service for faulty Safety Systems

Chrysler announced that it would conduct a recall of 840,000 cars to fix a number of problems found  on the active head restraints, airbags, and their ESP system.

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Chrysler Challenger

Chrysler recalls 840,000 cars

Chrysler Group announced that it would recall 840,000 cars in service in the U.S. and other countries. Of these, 490,000 cars and SUVs have a problem with the active head restraints that could move forward if a rear impact would occur.

This recall includes variants such as Chrysler Sebring (2012-2013), Chrysler 200, Dodge Avenger and Dodge Nitro (2011-2012). Cherysler wanted to clarify that the problem occurs because of a component from a supplier. It was contracted by Chrysler after the Japanese suppliers had problems back in 2011, affected by the tsunami and earthquake. According to official records, all broken parts will be replaced by Chrysler in the upcoming months.

Recall affects 442,000 of the cars sold in the U.S., 25,000 in Canada, 10,000 in Mexico and 12,000 from outside North America.


Chrysler Town & Country

Chrysler indicates a recall for 282,000 minivans sold in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and outside North America. Here we include Dodge Caravan, Chrysler Town & Country and Ram Cargo Van, all with the same problem: the system responsible for airbag deployment.

Also, Chrysler announced that a total of 69,000 Ram 1500 pick-up’s will be called into service to solve a problem found on the stability control system.

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