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Chrysler announced a three-year collaboration with NASA

Chrysler will work for the second time in its history with those from NASA. This time, researchers of the two companies will lead many existing technologies to a new level.

Just a few months out of bankruptcy and signing an alliance with Fiat Group, American consortium Chrysler announced a collaboration with NASA. Collaboration between the two sides aimed material development, robotics, radar systems, batteries and energy storage technologies. The two companies have collaborated in the past, like Mercury and Apollo projects, but also to develop a navigation system. Each of the two sides will work on these technologies and Chrysler and NASA engineers will work to reduce costs and improve existing technology. Both the Dodge brand, also Ram and Chrysler would benefit from the new collaboration with NASA.

The winner of this business is the Chrysler Corporation, at least in terms of image, and NASA will benefit in terms of cost. Chrysler wins and useful technology in the near future – that the storage battery energy and development, which could be used by the Italian partners from Fiat to build electric vehicles. Chrysler ENVI program or recently dropped development of electric vehicles, those of the Fiat deal was closely following this project for the future.

Each project of the two partners will have a technical specialist at NASA and a technical specialist at Chrysler Group. In 1961, Chrysler built for Project Mercury Redstone rocket, which sent the first American in space. Subsequently, the first two Apollo crews were sent into space by two missiles Chrysler.


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