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Chevrolet Volt: on sale from October

Chevrolet Volt will be available on dealers from October in Austin (Texas) and New York, U.S. metropolitan areas designated for the difference in climate and the usufruct different car. “We decided to sell the Volt in these two cities,” said Ed Whitacre, CEO General Motors, “for this feature in itself as vehicle designed to carry commuters also indicated for longer journeys.”

Erev hybrid sales continued in New Jersey and Connecticut, in conjunction with the extension to Texas and New York, while the availability for the remaining 46 states will be complete within the next 12-28 months.

Whitacre has also stressed how the Chevrolet Volt will be produced at 10,000 units during 2011 and 30,000 in 2012, although he did estimate sales or prices. This has to except that the sedan will not produce any profit.

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