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Caterham wants to expand its range with an SUV and subcompact

Caterham plans to expand its business and the range of models. The British want to launch an SUV and a subcompact model, both able to keep the sporty character of Caterham Seven.

Caterham Seven

Caterham Seven

Although it was known until now as a niche car manufacturer oriented towards minimalist sports vehicles, Caterham could become somewhat popular in the next period. The Brits want to expand their activities in the future and become a volume manufacturer.

Caterham + Renault = Love ?

The claims that Caterham wants to expand its range and models are supported even by Tony Hernandes, the man who leads the UK based company, intending to position the brand in several segments and more global markets. Tony Hernandes is not at the first attempt to develop a global brand, its history being closely linked to the AirAsia airline company, which he founded.

Hernandes hopes that the new models will be clearly differentiate and will attract customers to an almost anonymous brand. The plan is to provide models able to keep the driving pleasure specific to the most popular model of the moment, Caterham Seven.

Even if it will be a different product than what we see now on the market, Caterham will try to attack the segments with a large public grip. Earlier this year, the head of the lightweight sports cars manufacturer was talking about an SUV and even a subcompact model. Both will be developed with Renault, Caterham already having a strong partnership with.

Also together with Renault, will be created a new sports car, a model ready to revive the Alpine brand. It will be sold with the Renault logo, but also as a Caterham. In both cases, the manufacturers will appeal to their Formula 1 divisions to win at the image and knowledge chapters.

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