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Cars 2 – New Trailer

Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson) returns on track for the follow up of the 2006 animated movie Cars success, accompanied by his best friend Mater (Larry the Cable Guy), the limp enthusiast. The two will have to make every effort to come with head from a new plots, and this time adventures lead them across the globe.

Pixar – animation studio that released the top productions such as Incredibles, Toy Story, Finding Nemo or Ratatoiulle, will release in 2011 Cars 2 and will be made in 3D technology in collaboration with Disney. Cars 2 will be directed by Brad Lewis, who produced Ratatouille and Antz.

Check out the new gallery of Cars 2 Pics below:

What you can want more than from an animation movie made by the Pixar masters with spies, races and explosions, in which all the characters are cars? Something that is not about sex. Enjoy the new Cars 2 Trailer:

Video: ‘Cars 2’ Trailer

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