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Bugatti 57SC Atlantic 1936 is the world’s most expensive car!

A car legend, the Bugatti 57SC Atlantic has become the most expensive car ever purchased. A museum has acquired it  for the incredible amount of 30 million dollars!

A Bugatti 57SC Atlantic  built in 1936 made forgotten every other car sale we could think of.  The highest prices for collectible cars were shattered by the sale of this vehicle to a museum for 30 million dollars being three times more expensive than the previous “most expensive car”.

Bidding was done discreetly only between the legal representatives of the seller – Dr. Peter D. Williamson and the buyer: Mullin Automotive Museum.

For a museum, this acquisition seems incredible, and some people say it would actually be for an anonymous collector.

The price may be justified by the fact that in the world at this moment, there are only two such jewels, the other one belonging to the famous fashion designer Ralph Lauren.

Previous car that has gained the label “most expensive” now seems not at all important: a Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa from 1957 that was purchased just a year ago, for only12.2 million $

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  1. What a world we stay in!!?! It just shows us all as much as the fools we are¡­

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