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Bochum University developed an electric van

The University of Bochum and the Institute of Electrical Mobility and the initiative of Bochum Ruhr-E Mobile, are also engaged in the automotive supplier Delphi, with its development center in Wuppertal and competence to take on the development of an electric van. The goal is to design not just a prototype, but it will develop in two years to ready for operation. On the development of various project suppliers and the Opel plant in Bochum, with work contributed the standard components from the mass.

The “Bomobil” will provide space for 2 people and 400 kilograms payload. A battery charge is enough for 150 kilometers distance, the van will be 120 km/h fast. Electrical specialists from Delphi expects from the project to generate new knowledge and suitability for series production of electric vehicles. These include the weight optimization and the reduction of power dissipation in order to maximize its coverage. Thus, for example, by use of LED technology significantly reduces the power requirements of outdoor lighting. Other aspects are the adaptation of the immobilizer on the needs of electric vehicles, to prevent, for example, the riding is not accidentally removed when charging, as well as the loading process itself.

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