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BMW, Germany and all the Motorsport Industry lost a dedicated logo

A shocking decision was announced on Saturday by BMW officials. Germans want to end the production of M3 but have a replacement in store. Fans from all over the world are “mourning” the death of an icon!

2012 BMW M - Geneva Motor Show 2012 Live

2012 BMW M – Geneva Motor Show 2012 Live

The production of the “BMW M3” legend has ended on Saturday. Germany and all motorsport industry loses a logo made famous starting with the first model (E30 3 series) and at the highest level since 1986. From then until today we had three generation for BMW 3 Series, plus a few interesting facelifts.

The launch of BMW M3

The current M3 model is on the market since 2007 and was sold in more than 40,000 units. BMW M3 is one of the hottest cars made by Germans and truly an emblem for BMW sports division. These are all three BMW M3 series photos:

Almost Criminal Bmw M3 Series 1

Bmw M3 Series 1

bmw m3 second seris

Bmw M3 Series 2

bmw m3 third series

Bmw M3 Series 3

What happens after the death of BMW M3?

When BMW M3 appeared there were no competitors, and we should thank it for inspiring other Germans to build cars such as AMG (Mercedes) or RS (Audi). That’s how the horsepower war began in 2000 and we still have no absolute winner as we speak! (M3 Vs. RS4/C63AMG).

BMW officials chose to end the M3 by introducing something much better. 2014 BMW M4 will be the next exclusive brand of the motorsport company. The new BMW M4 will have an official launch at the end of 2014 and is a normal consequence of the BMW 4 Series. The engine will be a 6-cylinder biturbo engine with over 420 hp. In other words, the King is Dead, Long Live the King! BMW M3 is just the end of a chapter and BMW M4 should have an even more impressive kingdom!

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