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Bentley will launch two special versions of Continental in China!

Bentley said it will launch two special editions for Continental, exclusive for Chinese market. The new models that will debut at the Beijing Auto Show Design Series 2010 are Continental GT Design Series China and Continantal Flying Spur Speed China.

The two versions are different with some design modifications and unique features in terms of colors and optional equipment. For example, the interior of each Design Series model will be conducted in three different shades of color, which combines a main tone of leather with accents and color details, such as seat belts, mats, chairs and wheel stitches.

On exterior, the model is distinguished from other versions by a number of “extra” logos mounted on the outside, side skirts ornaments and pleasant decorations mounted on the center console. All the above have the inscription “China Design Series“. On the other hand, Bentley Continental Flying Spur Speed has a number of facilities specific to the Chinese market, optimized suspension for more comfort and a quieter exhaust. Also, this version of the Continental Flying Spur Speed Bentley receives a set of logos on the pillars C and an inscription similar to the  one from the Continental GT Series on the center console.

Bentley has released these two special editions of Continental and Continental GT to the market in China because the Chinese are in the top 3 sales made by the brand in Crewe. Thus, the market in China is the third largest market for Bentley in the world with 421 purchased units in 2009. Bentley sales in China increased by 10 times last year compared with 2008.


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