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Bentley Continental GT – more Special Editions

Bentley will develop a version of the new Bentley Continental GT that will fight with the Porsche 911. In addition there will be more Bentley Continental GT Special Edition of the new model from Crewe.

Bentley intends to take this step to increase the customer base and the total number of Continental GT sold. The final target is to divide the volume of sales throughout the life of the model to ensure consistent production, with no jumps or falls. This would enable Bentley to address an optimal program and have no need to make redundancies or recruitments.

All fluctuations in sales and production will be smooth as to achieve the desired result by the British. In future there will be a Bentley Continental GT Special Edition that will fight with special versions of the Porsche 911. Bentley‘s decision is a little strange, since both brands are under the roof of the Volkswagen Group and competition between them is something to be avoided. Unlike the Volkswagen and Skoda, Bentley has no need to cannibalize Porsche‘s cars.

The new Bentley Continental GT will be more expensive (will cost from £135,760 when it reaches dealerships in the first quarter of 2011)than the current model and will have a new engine. The unit will be a 4.0-litre direct-injection V8 Audi origin, and will be supercharged with two turbines. Both engines are gasoline powered, there are chances that Bentley engineers to provide a flex-fuel version.

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