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Automakers plan to unite EuroNCAP and IIHS safety tests

Automakers around the world want a standard set of rules for both EuroNCAP European safety tests and American IIHS. It seems that a set of common „standards” will reduce the development costs of safety technologies.

Renault Trafic - 2012 Euro NCAP

Euro NCAP Tests

EuroNCAP and IIHS safety tests 

Car safety has become increasingly important for customers around the globe, but each continent comes with its own opinion when it comes to safety. That is why car manufacturers put great emphasis on the results obtained in the EuroNCAP crash tests supported in Europe, respectively IIHS in the U.S.

Good results are synonymous with the efforts of compliance with safety rules , but the rules are different in Europe and the United States. To avoid costly investments required to comply with various safety rules, automakers proposed to unite both tests and establishing a common scoring criteria.

Manufacturers are finding that they can save hundreds of millions of dollars if they unify safety standards on both continents. To add a little bit of pressure on the two test organisms, builders will be ordering more studies, trying to find a common ground between European and American tests . Many car companies also asked help from the Transport Research Institute of Michigan and a group of researchers from Chalmers University in Gothenburg trying to convince everyone of the benefits of unified tests.

Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers , an American group tasked with lobbying these unique tests, which include giants such as General Motors , Toyota and Volkswagen said: “We want to show that our standards organizations may differ a little , but the main coordinates we follow are nearly identical.”

IIHS and EuroNCAP - Crash avoidance ratings

IIHS Safety Tests

 The two institutes will collect data and come up with a solution till late April or early May. Analyses will last until the end of 2014, when the report will be completed and both sides will have to define complete common rules.

Of course, this also translates as cheaper cars, right?

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