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Audi Quattro into mass production in 2013

Audi plans to launch some very limited version of Quattro Concept, presented last year at the Paris Motor Show. The production model will weigh 225 kilograms less than the Audi R8.

Seen as one of the main attractions of the Audi stand in Paris in 2010, Quattro Concept goes with big steps towards production. Unofficial sources speak about the possibility of series production, even though the number of copies will be extremely limited.

A single prototype, based on the current Audi S5 will be presented to the administration board to get a green light. The prototype developed by engineers from the Ingolstadt and recently caught in spy photos is using a complete structure from the aluminum panels of the same material and carbon fiber hood. Thanks to the use of these light components, pre-production Audi Quattro Concept weighs 300 kgs less than the current Audi RS5, although uses the same chassis and powertrain.

German engineers will not stop at this, the final Audi Quattro version will be subjected to a process of more intensive weight reduction, which will include: a reduction of 150 mm wheelbase, interior  with light materials and chairs made ​​of composite materials.

Unofficial sources say that the future Audi Quattro is almost approved and a limited production will be started no later than 2013. The final version of Audi Quattro Coupe will have a 4-wheel drive and will weigh 1,300 kg, that is 225 kg less than the Audi R8.

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