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80 unique Muscle cars sold at an auction by a single collector!

Auction house RM Auctions will host the sale of 80 muscle cars belonging to a U.S. collector. Among these are 18 units Corvette models, but also a Chevelle LS6 convertible belonging to a limited series of only18 units.
The U.S. RM Auctions has announced it will hold an auction in San Diego where an American collector will put on sale 80 U.S. sports models. Besides these extremely rare cars, mainly for collectors,  RM Auctions sale will also have many BMW and Mercedes models, some of them in versions M, like the AMG. The most interesting thing is that all the 80 models belong to a single collector from Southern California and all models are offered without a reserve price.

The rare example of this auction is a 1969 Chevrolet Corvette L88. The model is equipped with a 430 hp V8 engine, which has a capacity displacement of 7.49 liters. This copy has a small number of km made and is accompanied by full documentation, which is rare when it comes to a very old model. This is just one of the 18 Corvette models that will be sold at this auction. Along with this comes an LS6 Chevelle, only one of the 18 units of its kind ever produced.  Also, it seems that this copy is the only Chevelle LS6 convertible in the world with a red and black interior.

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