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2014 Audi A8 Facelift will have new headlights with Matrix LED technology

The Germans announced that the current 2014 Audi A8 will make its series debut with the new Matrix LED technology, at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show in September. This involves a complete LED lighting, highly intelligent.

2014 Audi A8 and the new Matrix LED technology

2014 Audi A8 and the new Matrix LED technology

Audi has announced that it is preparing a facelift for the current A8 generation. On this occasion, the flagship car of the company will become the first model receiving full LED lighting technology named Matrix, used so far only in the conceptual stage.

2014 Audi A8 and the new Matrix LED technology

The new Matrix LED optical blocks available on the 2014 Audi A8 benefit from innovations of the Audi research and development laboratory. Each headlamp has 25 light diodes, clustered by five. Each beam is controlled by an intelligent control center, which has the ability to target very precisely how the light acts.

According to the official press release, 2014 Audi A8 will be able to direct the LED beam in order not to blind the other traffic participants, whether they are approaching from the opposite or the same direction. The special camera recognizes when a car comes from the opposite direction, thereby adjusting the mirrors, the left optical block so that the beam of light doesn’t bother the driver of the passing car. The right optical block continues to illuminate in normal way, so that the driver always sees a bright, uniform and much more efficient white light.

The same command center can point multiple LED beams to illuminate specific areas of interest and depending on traffic conditions. As an example offered by the Germans, some LEDs can illuminate pedestrians or animals on the side of the road.

This function is allowed because the command center works with the night vision system already encountered on the saloons in this segment. The Matrix LED system can operate just like the “cornering” lights.

2014-Audi A8-Matrix-LED-techology

The new Audi Matrix LED headlights

Audi is now building on its lead in the domain of lighting technology with a world first: The Audi Matrix LED headlights will make their debut on the new A8, which is appearing on the market at the end of 2013. Audi, the technology leader in this field, is thus opening a new chapter in automotive lighting technology.

In the new Audi A8, each headlight comprises 25 high-beam light-emitting diodes, arranged in groups of five per reflector. When the light switch is set to “automatic” and the high-beam headlights are on, the system is activated from 30 km/h (18.64 mph) on highways and from 60 km/h (37.28 mph) on city streets. The Audi Matrix LED headlights produce a quality of light with a special crystalline sheen. By day, too, they have a very attractive and distinctive look, which is reinforced by the new appearance of the daytime running lights.

Matrix LED technology offers fascinating potential in many different respects, in terms of the number of individual LEDs, their arrangement, and the size and design of the headlights. One of its safety functions in the Audi A8 involves providing what are known as marker lights: These team up with the optional night vision assistant to mark detected pedestrians. When it detects a person in the critical range in front of the car, individual LEDs flash at them rapidly three times in succession, picking out the pedestrian clearly from their surroundings and alerting both the pedestrian and the driver.

The light-emitting diodes of the Audi Matrix LED headlights also perform the cornering light function; they displace the emphasis of the beam in the direction of the bend. By calling on predictive route data supplied by the MMI navigation plus, they do so shortly before the steering needs to be turned. Another function in the new Audi A8 is the turn signal with dynamic display: The LEDs in the turn signals flash in blocks at 150 millisecond intervals in the direction that the driver intends to turn.

2014 Audi A8 and Matrix LED technology via Audi


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