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1998 Lamborghini Pregunta, the last Italian independent creation – up for Auction

A 1998 Lamborghini Pregunta was put up for sale by auction by an exotic car dealer in France. The model is a unique creation, based on a Diablo and costs 1.6 million euros. For some, the Lamborghini Pregunta is somehow a forgotten prototype but for others, it still may be the dream car they’ve always wanted. Well, this car can now be yours, as long as you’ve got 1.6 million euros.

1998 Heuliez Pregunta Concept

1998 Lamborghini Pregunta is for Sale

The prototype was unveiled at the Paris Exhibition in 1998, by the French Heuliez, as the car that would replace the Lamborghini Diablo. Now Heuliez filed for bankruptcy earlier this week, and this original piece of art goes under the hammer.

You think Lamborghini Veneno is a rare model with three copies built and sold on the spot? Well, how about less than that? If you want a bull from Sant’Agata like no one else has, now is your chance. Lamborghini Pregunta, a special project born by Lamborghini, launched way before the company was took under Audi’s wing, built in a single original copy. The prototype never went to production.

1998 Lamborghini Pregunta Auction Photos

1998 Heuliez Pregunta Concept

1998 Lamborghini Pregunta Front Photo

1998 Heuliez Pregunta Concept

1998 Lamborghini Pregunta Side Photo

1998 Lamborghini Pregunta auction price

1998 Lamborghini Pregunta Rear Photo

The car is now up for sale by an auction house in France specialized in such exotic cars, a category that Lamborghini easily fits by its exclusivity. The price for 1998 Lamborghini Pregunta starts at 1.6 million euros, somewhat reasonable for a model developed by Carrosserie Heuliez based on a design by Marc Deschamp and everything fitted on a modified Lamborghini Diablo platform.

1998 Lamborghini Pregunta Video

1998 Lamborghini Pregunta Specs

Changes to the platform aim to change the four-wheel drive in favor of a rear-wheel drive configuration. The engine is taken, the same as the technical platform, from a the Diablo VT, a 530 hp at 7,100 rpm V12 unit. Lamborghini Pregunta is able to accelerate to a speed of 333 km/h, and one kilometer is covered in less than 20 seconds starting from scratch.

1998 Lamborghini Pregunta stands out by having no mirrors as these were replaced by cameras and its design is different from what we’ve seen at Lamborghini before. The model was designed as a sculpture, designed to cut air at high speeds and to be different from what was on the market at the time. From this point of view, we have no doubt about the designers success, proudly earning the name „Pregunta”, name that means “question” in Spanish.

Pregunta uses a 5-speed manual gearbox and the body was made of carbon fiber making the overall weight of the car to be 1,650 kg. The design and the technologies derived from aerospace and Formula 1. It was painted in the colors of a Dassault Rafale fighter, has electronic dashboard signed by Magneti-Marelli, racing seats, Alpine screens and the whole interior was inspired by Dassault Rafale’s cockpit. It even had a TV, all in 1998.

1998 Heuliez Pregunta Concept Interior

1998 Lamborghini Pregunta Interior Photos

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