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Land Rover Classic Steals The Show At Goodwood Festival  

The Goodwood Festival celebrated almost seven decades of Defender and Series Land Rover production last weekend. The three day event comprised of vehicle displays, parades and a look into the future as well as the past.

Series Display Model

The team at Jaguar Land Rover, donned in 1940’s apparel, displayed a Series 1 model at a 45 degree tilted angle; showing off the diverse capabilities of the first ever all-purpose machine.  They also provided a static display of over 50 models produced before 1966 – paying homage to the rustic and rough-around-the-edges beauties that, even know, are still revered.

Pre-Production And Land Rovers On Parade

Goodwood Festival proudly hosted what is thought to be the largest number of pre-production vehicles at the event – all crafted in the image of the original HUE 166 model.  Giving everyone at the festival the chance to see these amazing machines in action, a parade was held showing a wide breadth of the company’s beautiful and iconic vehicles.

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Looking Into The Future

Never known to miss a beat, the team also took this opportunity to showcase four of their latest creations, and gave visitors the opportunity to experience the exhilaration of these new models with a test drive controlled by their very own pro driver.

Meanwhile at the Bonhams’ stand, Jaguar’s new Defender 2,000,000 was be showcased in tribute to its heritage. This unique vehicle will be sold in December to raise money for charitable companies chosen by Jaguar Land Rover.

If you are the proud owner of one of Jaguars epic Discovery models, ensure it is maintained by a reputable and specialist company such as Tim Fry Landrovers. If Jaguar pulled out all the stops for  a 67th anniversary, who knows what is in store for the big 7-0?


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