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Ladies and autos: kinds of cars girls prefer most

Girls love cars as much as guys do, but unlike men, they have their own preferences. For most guys, such characteristics, as overclocking dynamics, a powerful 500 HP carbureted engine, and the prestige of the brand are important, while for women, cars are nothing more than vehicles. Girls don’t care how much horsepower the car’s engine has, what its dynamics of acceleration and maximum speed are. The main thing for them is that the car looked beautiful and was practical, causing no troubles to its owner.

There is a myth that girls prefer convertibles. It’s true, but only if they don’t have to ride them every day. Understanding why your girlfriend likes this or that car model is quite difficult. Usually, there is almost no logic in their choice, and they can’t explain their preferences properly. We tried to lift the veil of secrecy and find out what kind of car is perfect for your lady.

The color should be bright

Any lady wants to attract attention everywhere she goes. The most practical car colors are gray and black, but who cares if, when driving through the city at night, you don’t stand out among others? A bright car catches the eye, and who knows, maybe it will help its owner meet that special someone.

Forget about a powerful engine

In modern cities and suburbs, a powerful and fast car can become a burden rather than an advantage. You have nowhere to accelerate your car to maximum speed, and caution just won’t allow you to do so; besides, there’s no one to show your superiority to. In other words, women don’t care much about powerful cars. A cute and economical one should be enough.

Automatic transmission only

Most girls prefer an automatic transmission because of its practicality. It requires no unnecessary movements and efforts: just press the gas pedal and go. In a traffic jam, automatic transmission eliminates the difference between a novice and an experienced driver, which gives any girl a little boost in confidence and spares her minor troubles, allowing to fully concentrate on the road.

Size matters

A girl doesn’t need a huge pickup at all – a small car is more comfortable and practical. Finding a place to park in the city center will be much easier. There will never be serious problems with steering and handling, and you can easily overtake other cars on the road, feeling full control over the situation.

Prestigious brand

Your car is an expensive accessory, by which people around you can judge your status and earnings. Girls often want to seem even more prosperous than they really are. Modern loan programs allow for buying a BMW, Lexus, or Mercedes, even if you’re not a millionaire, and it’s these luxury brands that modern girls are attracted to most. After all, we all want only the best for ourselves.

Used cars are not an option

A new thing is always better than the old one, and it’s guaranteed to bring maximum pleasure. On the one hand, you understand that you own the most advanced and modern car. At the same time, you get rid of any risks of breakdowns. And even if you have to pay extra for such pleasure, the advantages, in this case, are obvious.

Women’s dream car

After all we learned about women’s preferences, it turns out that the ideal car in girls’ opinion is a BMW 5-Series, even though it’s clearly a men’s car; besides, its sizes are far from being small. But we’re talking about women’s logic here, aren’t we? On the other hand, it’s not too difficult to understand such choice. You don’t even need to come up with a reason to buy it. Sitting behind the wheel of BMW is a pleasure, and even long distance trips will not be tiresome. Excellent dynamics allows you to avoid difficulties in overtaking, while “female” minicars don’t have enough power for this. Perhaps the girls’ choice is mostly influenced by design and brand, but no one really doubts the reliability of these autos.

In conclusion

Girls are emotional. Yes, there are certain criteria for choosing a car. But we all want something more, especially if it’s an expensive car. So be prepared for the fact that your girlfriend will ask for a super-fast Mercedes-Benz or a giant pickup as a birthday present. And believe me, there is a certain logic in this.

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