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This is the new Renault Twizy

Renault presented the final version of the model Twizy at the Barcelona Motor Show. Renault Twizy is available with two engines and a price starting from €6990 Euros.

Renault revealed today at the Barcelona Motor Show final version of the electric model Twizy, the third series vehicle with zero-emission from the French manufacturer. Expected to debut on the European market in late 2011, Renault Twizy wants to be a viable alternative, with a roof, to the banal two or three-wheeled scooters.

Twizy is offered in two versions. The first one is driven by a 10 horsepower electric motor capable of running up to a maximum speed of 45 kmh. To the delight of many, this version can be run without a license and, thanks to its approval as a quadricycle.

The price for this version was set at €6990, this amount being increased by the monthly cost of €45 to rent a set of batteries. The batteries will allow the electric car to run over a distance of 100 kilometers.

The superior version of Twizy benefits from a zero-emission engine that delivers 20 horsepower and allows it to reach a maximum speed of 80 kmh. The engine will be offered with two equipment levels, Urban and Technic, whose prices will be €7690, ie €8490. And in this case, customers will have to pay €49 for the rental battery, which provides all the autonomy of 100 km.

With a length of 2,33 meters and 1,19 meters wide, Renault Twizy boasts a mass of only 450 kg, 100 kg being just the battery. Equipped with 125×80 R13 front and 145×80 R13 rear tires, the electric car has a record turning circle of just 3.4 meters.

The two passengers have seat belts, in four points for the driver and three points for the back seat. With a 3-meter supply cable, Twizy can be easily charged from a normal socket, full duration is estimated at 3.5 hours.

List of optionales for Renault Twizy is somewhat unusual: it includes side doors, a storage space under the rear seat, rear parking sensors, additional frontal protection and a complete Parrot Bluetooth kit with USB and iPod connections. Customer can choose between four exterior colors, which can be combined with a series of special vinyls.

Renault Twizy electric car video review:

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