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The future Opel Ampera will be cheaper and more attractive

Opel officials have made the first statements about the next generation Ampera. The model will be cheaper and more aesthetically appealing, says Nick Reilly.

Although the new Opel Ampera has not yet debuted on European market, Opel officials have made ​​some statements about its successor. The second generation Ampera will be cheaper, will have an improved design and features closer to the preferences of European consumers. Opel Ampera ‘s second generation is expected to debut in 2015, according to this first information, and this will significantly distance it from the Chevrolet Volt model through exterior aspect.

We hope that this first model to become the market leader, and then we can take advantage of this through a cheaper version, more expressive design, which will be represented by the second generation,” said Nick Reilly , head of General Motors Europe.

Nick Reilly believes that the Opel Ampera price would be dramatically reduced if production will be moved to Europe. Currently, the Ampera model is built in the United States of America, along with Chevrolet Volt. The cost of batteries will be the second factor that will reduce the Opel Ampera price, says Nick Reilly. This will happen over time, together with advancement of technology.

Electric cars are one of the best solutions for solving environmental and energy challenges. The fact that Europcar will include Opel Ampera between normal cars they propose for rent is a clear example that our electric model with an extended-range through a engine gasoline can be used very easy in daily,” said Alain Visser, Vice of the sales, marketing and aftermarket office from Opel.

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