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Tesla became the best selling car in Norway in a single month

With nearly 1,500 copies sold in Norway in March, Tesla Model S exceeds a monthly sales record held since 1986. The American Electric car is now a leader in the rankings after the first three months in Scandinavia.

2014 tesla model s norway

2014 Tesla Models S in Norway

Tesla Model S has a fantastic career on the Norwegian Market. The U.S. electric company manages to beat record after record on a market that seems in love with Tesla. A few years ago it seemed unbelievable but the rapid development of infrastructure and many benefits the buyers of electric cars have in Norway made this a reality.

Though the Model S sells for just over $60,000 in the United States, the price tag in Norway is the equivalent of $110,000, and because of high demand right now, they’re typically about $20,000 more on the second-market. So why has Norway fallen so hard for Tesla?

According to official sales numbers for March in Norway , Tesla managed to sell 1493 copies of Tesla Model S. This result not only puts the Californian company first in rankings adding more cars sold than 2nd (VW Golf ) and 3rd ( Nissan Leaf ) altogether, but also makes Tesla Model S the best selling car in all history on the Norwegian car market, for a monthly interval. According to official statistics, Tesla Model S has surpassed a record that lasted from 1986, when Ford Sierra was bought in 1454 by fascinated Norwegian fans.


2014 Tesla Models S in Norway

This fantastic Tesla Model S result comes in such a very short time due to a large number of pre-orders initiated by clients in Norway last year. Moreover, in January and February Tesla Model S has gathered “only” 600 customers. Even so, the total number of cars that Tesla put into service this year is 2056, making Tesla Model S the most popular car in the country. With a market share of 5.6 %, Model S exceeds the full range of Ford models sold in Norway in the first three months of 2014.

Tesla in Norway: Benefits and explanations

The secret of this enormous demand for Tesla Model S is related to the benefits the owners receive in Norway. Thus, by purchasing a Model S you won’t have to pay any high taxes currently imposed on the car market, for example, you’ll pay the same ammount for a BMW 5 Series, while the city-center car parks are free of charge and also charging stations are free. Oh, let’s not forget express lines on highways…that’s also available!

The average annual income is 1.55 million Danish krone (about $285,500), or 82 percent above the approximately $157,000 median in the two municipalities that have the highest concentration of Tesla cars in Norway.


2014 Tesla Models S in Norway

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