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Renault: Twingo will be electric in 2014

The fifth model in the Z.E. range from Renault will be Twingo. Renault Twingo Electric comes in three years and will be developed in collaboration with Daimler.

Renault has announced that the fourth model in its own range that will receive a 100% electric drive train will be Twingo. The French city car will follow in the ZE range (Zero Emissions) already presented by Renault at recent auto shows: Fluence, Kangoo, Twizy and Zoe.

Absolute novelty in the electric version of Renault Twingo will be that the French will be the first developed in collaboration with Daimler. Release year 2014 machine will be the same time as the Germans will be releasing the next-generation Smart. Under the agreement formally signed by the two manufacturers in 2010, Renault will supply the electric motor and Daimler will handle the batteries  for the new Smart and Twingo.

Please note that Renault‘s strategy of developing electric models include the release of Fluence Z.E. the mid 2011, following the end of the year to belong to electric versions of the Kangoo and Twizy, the latter a way of private transport particularly interesting. The next model on the “Electric list to those of Renault is Zoe, which will be launched in mid 2012.

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