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Renault: the electric Fluence and Kangoo Express already booked

As the final Renault Fluence ZE and Renault Kangoo Express ZE, the first two electric vehicles that will be marketed by Renault. By 2012 will be 4 in total electric vehicles equipped with the Zero Emission Technology.

In particular, Fluence and Kangoo Express had already been presented in their half-finalized stage, being prezented during the last climate conference in Copenhagen in which test drives had been organized.

Now, the two electric vehicles are already on the site dedicated to book in order to have priority at launch. Renault Kangoo Express Z.E. will be on our way by mid-2011: 160 km of autonomy while keeping the same functional characteristics of the thermal engine version (load volume, payload and comfort). In short, the power supply system does not affect the functionality of the Kangoo, subject, of course autonomy.

Renault Fluence will be built on the same site in Turkey where it assembles the internal combustion engine version, something that makes you realize that even on zero-emission sedan will retain the characteristics of fossil fuel sister. Necessary condition to achieve the goal that Renault has set itself, namely to achieve the electric models for mass production.

A tempting target and very ambitious, Renault also studying to put in place partnership in several countries to achieve the required infrastructure for widespread electric mobility. Columns and charging agreements with energy providers are an important step.



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