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Peugeot iOn – charge your batteries

0 emission, 100% electrically iOn – the new Peugeot generat-iOn.

The debut of the electric car market is approaching: Peugeot yesterday discovered the cards in his iOn, which will be proposed in France for 500 euros per month. The small zero emissions will launch in late 2010-as the twins Mitsubishi i-MiEV and Citroën C-Zero and during the first phase of its marketing will be offered only with the formula of the rental fee.

That little thrown by the three brands would not be the power for all, we had already said at our recent meeting with the C-Zero, but although they expect an announcement like this, it must be said that the figure in question is really important. How must “ride” for a month before reaching the even break point, since the fee is so high?

Still, the Mitsubishi i-MiEV in Japan will be offered to 34,000 euros, or about thirty thousand of something more was expected. And in Europe the price will be even higher. Really hard to see a commercial future for these models, who are willing to imagine generous public incentives.

Apart from the great technological gap compared with thermal models similar in features and size, the evidence is the iOn will cost three times as a Peugeot 107, will offer a range of about one third, will be slower and will put us six hours to recharge, or 30 minutes if you go just in a hurry. If there is something to this type of cars there is certainly no room for improvement.

Peugeot iOn is the successful response to the demands of today’s vehicles. Zero-emission electric drive and it creates through the use of lithium batteries in addition to a range of 130 km one kilometers distance of 130 km. With its four doors, four seats, its length of only 3.48 m and a turning radius of only 4.50 m of the Peugeot iOn is your perfect city car. This also helps that you can recharge it fully in a conventional 220V outlet within six hours. If you are in a hurry, you can fill the iOn using a Rapidsystem in just 30 minutes to 80 percent, again with energy.

The iOn enjoys not only the environment but also consumers. So it is not surprising that the iOn nine European companies have already pre-ordered for the end of 2010 and want to use it, especially in car sharing and fleet vehicle field.

Via | L’AutomobileMagazine

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  1. With a prices above 30.000 euros Peugeot ION and Mitsubishi i-MiEV are real disappointment for all people who were wiling to buy electric car in order to protect our planet. I am one of those people.

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