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Paris Motor Show 2010: Nissan Townpod

Nissan Townpod, The Little Brother for Nissan Leaf

The Japanese manufacturers from Nissan have developed a concept that prefigures a compact vehicle which will satisfy the need of mobility of their future customers.

Nissan presented at Paris Motor Show 2010 a concept called Townpod. The car is a compact MPV, which seems to benefit from an extremely high level of modularity. According to Nissan ambassadors at Paris Motor Show, each owner will have the opportunity to personalize their car with accessories dedicated to the brand, produced by Nissan or even other manufacturers.

Townpod is an electric vehicle. This variant should represent the new wave of electric cars, which will make city life easier. Nissan Townpod has entirely duplicated Leaf’s drivetrain, thus implementing this system would help the Japanese manufacturer to reduce production costs and develop the electric propulsion system.

From another point of view, Nissan Townpod’s front side is dominated by the unconventional headlights, in the shape of petals. This configuration is very simple and permits the owner to replace the bulbs, if necessary, all by himself. The glossy finish of the signal blinkers plays the role of the traditional headlamps.

Nissan Townpod is presented at Paris Motor Show as being an electric spacious car, with a cutting edge design (which is obvious, since we are taking about a concept).It features rear hinged doors, split trunk doors and a touch-screen display, which can be used together with a PDA. The Japanese manufacturers described the vehicle as being a chameleon; it can be adapted for every situation: perfect as a business car (able to run seven days a week); the trunk is spacious enough to use the vehicle as a heavy shopping and also, it has enough seats to escort one’s family on their holiday.

Furthermore, critics believe that Townpod Concept is based on the Nissan Micra model-the European version of the new urban Japanese generation, also present at Paris Motor Show 2010.

Perhaps the two of the most important characteristics of Nissan Townpod are: 1st -that it offers zero-emissions mobility and 2nd – the fact that one can personalize it, according to his needs.

“Only they know what is essential for their lives, so it is logical that they should be the ones who determine the ultimate specification of their cars. For them, an off-the-shelf solution is not enough and the best-equipped people to tailor-make their cars are themselves. What is more revealing is that Nissan Townpod users do not appreciate stereotypes or status symbols. For them, the ultimate status is to have no status.”, said Francois Bancon, general manager of Nissan’s Exploratory and Advance Planning Department  about their new concept.

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