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Volkswagen XL1 – official pictures and videos

Volkswagen XL1 is the green concept car presented at the Auto Show in Qatar. In addition to it’s impressive consumption, the concept cat shows how the Germans will evolve the current design.

Volkswagen XL1 Concept

Volkswagen XL1 Concept

The concept that debuted in 2009 at the Frankfurt Motor Show, and presents interesting changes. First, the model is close to maturity required for the production and its appearance looks like a visible trend in the Volkswagen range. The interior has several elements already found on today’s models, while the front broadly shows what we imagine to be the future Scirocco.

Volkswagen XL1 photo gallery

Volkswagen XL1 – Design & Engine

According to the German car manufacturer, the future Volkswagen XL1 model has an average fuel consumption of 0.9 liters/100 km (313 mpg imperial, 261 mpg US).

Volkswagen XL1 concept is equipped with a TDI engine with two cylinders in line and receive a contribution of an electric motor powered by a lithium-ion battery. That engine develops 48 hp ( 36 kW/49 PS), while the electric motor provides 27 hp ( 20 kW/27 PS). The two units are coupled to a 7-speed DSG transmission and ait is assisted by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

The prototype can run in 100% electric mode for 35 kms (22 mi) and deliver, on average, 24 grams of CO2 per km. The hybrid system can be charged even from a home power outlet. The model also has regenerative braking.

Unlike the first L1 concept shown to public, Volkswagen XL1 has two engines in parallel, not in tandem. Incredibly, increased width of the model will not hurt the value of air drag – 0,186. The only element that seems far from the production version is the vertical opening doors.

Volkswagen XL1 is constructed of reinforced polymers with carbon fiber, which leads to a limited annual production and a high purchase price at this time.

Volkswagen XL1 could be introduce as a limited edition, as the Germans claim to have found a solution to reduce production costs. We are talking of an RTM process, which means advanced composite molding, already patented by the German manufacturer and its suppliers.

Volkswagen XL1 Video


Volkswagen XL1 via Volkswagen

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