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The new Nissan Leaf – an Urban Ninja?

We’ve talked a few days ago about the new Nissan Leaf but here’s a new interesting fact about this car.

As we all know, this will be an electric car yet Nissan made it so good that it turned into an urban ninja, ready to hit pedestrian silently and run away due to it’s very eco friendly engine. Fear not citizens! They’ve decided to add some speakers for their first electric model to replace the classical sounds of an engine. That made the car sad and blew it’s cover, but at least we can sleep, knowing it won’t take over the city. 🙂

Nissan has developed a set of sounds for the electric Leaf that will occur during operation. The sounds will be in a frequency range from 600 Hz to 2500 Hz. Depending on the speed you’re driving the speakers will go from low to high depending on the acceleration or deceleration. That’s right, just like the engine of that old pick-up truck you had. Vrooom, vrooom!

When you’ll start the engine, the sounds will be higher for pedestrians to notice this. While walking back, the system will generate sounds intermittently, and after a speed bigger than 30 km/h it will generate a high frequency sound. The system is controlled through a computer and a synthesizer located on the center console and the sound will be produced by a speaker located in the engine compartment.

Still, a cool feature for the owners of this fine model: when the night comes you can go in Ninja Mode, and by a press of a button you will turn off this annoying sound system and go stealth on the streets of your city.

Shhhhttt, you can go haunting wabbits!

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