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Mercedes F 800 Style: Vision of a “green” Superclass

With a new research vehicle, Mercedes has an idea for a “greenluxury sedan in the E-class format. Thus, the platform enables the 4.74 meter five-seater different propulsion technologies.

The car can be a purely electric with a fuel cell powered or with a plug-in hybrid. The study style is F 800 (presented at the Geneva Motor Show March 4 to 14), tells the manufacturer.

The fuel cell sits under the front hood. The electric motor with around 100 kW/136 hp for speeds up to 180 km/h is mounted on the rear axle. The hydrogen tanks for a range of 600 kilometers stuck in the center tunnel and under the back seat. In the hybrid configuration, the front runs a V6 gasoline engine with around 220 kW/300 hp, the preliminary work a 80 kW/109 hp, electric motor integrated in the gearbox. Because it enough power and the battery under the trunk floor has sufficient capacity, the F 800 can go up to 120 km /h and up to 30 miles without the combustion engine.

For the plug-in hybrid, which goes in about three years with the next generation S-Class series, Mercedes gives a total consumption of 2.9 liters of (C02 emissions: 68 g/km). The consumption of the fuel cell is at 0.9 kilograms of hydrogen, or the equivalent of 3 liters of diesel.

In addition to the clean sources of Mercedes F 800 shows with the new information, operating and assistance. So the cruise control the electric range for each environment calculates and displays the action in the Navi-Monitor. Instead, the driver touches the screen on a panel at the center tunnel. And in the jam, the automatic distance control takes over along with a stereo camera 40 corresponding to speed within the lane and driving. To facilitate the Approach to the fund to the abandoned Mercedes F 800 Style also drawn to the so-called B-pillar and rear mounted a door, and then only to soar like a sliding door slides backwards.

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