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Honda Insight Facelift – World Premiere in Frankfurt

Honda refreshes its hybrid by excellence just two years after the launch. Honda Insight Facelift gets a more efficient drive train and aesthetic improvements to compete on an equal footing with the great rival Toyota Prius.

Honda has published only nine days before the start of the Frankfurt Motor Show, the first image with the facelift that the Japanese manufacturer applied to its hybrid compact Insight. Considered the most powerful market rival for Toyota Prius, Honda Insight change the “face” and comes with a slightly lower consumption and emissions, all changes aimed at a impetus revival for a segment that Toyota Prius continues to be globally number one.

External changes that can be highlighted in the only official photo of the Honda Insight refers to reshape the front bumper, where complex shapes of the grille and air intakes in the pre-facelift version are changing into something much more simpler and “clean”.

According to official Honda announcement the new Insight Facelift brings changes to the materials inside, the Japanese engineers also improved the thermal insulation of air conditioning system.

The most notable changes on Honda Insight Facelift are under the hood where the hybrid drive train and transmission were substantially modified. The CO2 emissions are lowered from 105 to 96 grams per kilometer, and consumption is also reduced to a value that Honda will announce it, along with technical data, near the Frankfurt Motor Show debut.

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