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Fisker EMotion: 400 miles autonomy and AWD. Official launch on the market scheduled in 2019

Fisker Inc. has published more information with the new Fisker EMotion electric model, which will benefit from a 400 miles (650 km) autonomy with a 140-KWH battery, 775 hp, all-wheel traction system and a maximum speed of nearly 160 mph (260 km/h).

Fisker EMotion at CES (Consumer Electronics Show)

After numerous teasers and a series of pictures, Fisker Inc. revealed more official information on the new Fisker EMotion, its new electric model, at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

The Fisker Inc. automaker, founded by Henrik Fisker, relies on a recipe very similar to that adopted in the initial phase by Tesla, and Fisker EMotion is a sports sedan that currently impresses only on paper, particularly in terms of autonomy.

Fisker EMotion: essential data:

The new Fisker EMotion has an autonomy of 400 miles (650 kilometers) using Li-Ion accumulators supplied by LG Chem.

The traction system is AWD, which means that Fisker EMotion has at least one electric motor on each axle. Fisker Inc. did not mention details about the propulsion system, other than its power – around 775 hp, or the torque.

The top speed will be 160 mph (260 km/h).

Fisker EMotion will be available in 4 or 5-seater configurations, and the interior space is “generous.”

In the standard version, the electric sedan is equipped with 24-inch wheels, but optional, customers can also choose rims from the special Carbon edition.

EMotion is equipped with Lidar sensors provided by Quanergy, which are capable of scanning the road in all directions. It is part of the autonomous systems that at some point will offer Level 4 self-driving capability.

Fisker Ins. claims that they’re currently developing a new type of battery based on solid electrolytes instead of the current liquid electrolytes. They offer 2.5 times more energy, and Fisker expects a 500 mile (800 km) autonomy for EMotion with such a battery. In addition, the charging time would be reduced to only a few minutes.

Fisker EMotion will be built only in the United States, but the location of the plant will only be announced in the second half of the current year. Deliveries would begin in 2019.

Interested customers can pay an advance of $2,000, Fisker EMotion base price will be somewhere between $130,000 – $190,000.

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