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Frankfurt 2013 Live: Mercedes-Benz GLA-Klasse

The main attraction of the Mercedes -Benz stand here in Frankfurt was the new Mercedes-Benz GLA, the fourth member of the compact range developed on the new MFA front-wheel drive platform along with CLA, A -Class and B- Class. Sales of the new Mercedes GLA are expected to start in late November, but the first deliveries will be made, most likely, in the early months of 2014.


Mercedes-Benz GLA-Klasse at Frankfurt Motor Show

2014 Mercedes GLA is a compact crossover based on the new A- Class and a fierce rival for BMW X1, Audi Q3 and Range Rover Evoque. The new compact crossover is very similar with the concept with same name, revealed just months ago at the Salon in Shanghai.

As expected, the production version looks simpler when compared with the concept as the front and back of the car removed a number of design details. Even so, 2014 Mercedes GLA aligns with the sporty philosophy seen in the compact segment.

2014 Mercedes GLA measures 4,417 mm long, 1805 mm wide and 1494 mm high, making it longer and narrower than the concept. The new GLA is 125 mm longer , but has the same wheelbase , 2699 mm compared to the Mercedes A -Class.


Mercedes-Benz GLA-Klasse Interior Photos

Mercedes GLA – Average consumption of 4.3 l/100 km

The engine range starts with the 1.6-liter petrol and 156 hp unit, hidden behind the „GLA200” token. Entry-level, code name: GLA 200 CDI, is offered only with front-wheel drive and comes with a 1.8 L diesel engine and 136 horsepower. This is the most economical option you can get, with an average consumption of 4.3 litres/100 km and emissions figure of 114 g/km helped a lot by a start-stop system and active aerodynamics giving a coefficient of only 0.29 cX .

Equipped with 4Matic all-wheel drive we have two versions: Mercedes GLA 250 and GLA 220 CDI. The first one comes with 211 hp obtained from a 2.0-liter petrol engine while the second offers 170 hp and 350 Nm, secured by a 2.1-liter diesel. All-wheel drive versions come standard with an automatic transmission with seven reports, while front-wheel drive models will get a six-speed manual gearbox.

The first estimates of Mercedes officials announce that seven out of ten European customers will opt for the version with front-wheel drive while 4MATIC requests will come mostly from the UK.

Mercedes-Benz GLA-Klasse

Mercedes-Benz GLA-Klasse at Frankfurt Motor Show 2013

Mercedes GLA – 421 liter boot and enough space for five

The interior of the 2014 Mercedes-Benz GLA provides a higher driving position than in the case of A- Class, but the interior design is similar to the one found on other models developed on MFA. Interior space is enough for five passengers and luggage capacity is 421 liters in normal and 836 liters with the seats folded .

The equipment list for 2014 Mercedes GLA is also quite generous. In addition to the full integration of smart phones and the presence of social applications such as Facebook and Twitter at the touch of a button.

The new car also has a Downhill Speed Regulation feature, for off-road tracks and a „special transmission” for such situations or a multimedia system that can display more information about the road conditions. You’re not missing any safety systems as GLA comes with a fatigue detector, Collision Prevention Assist and Distronic Plus cruise control .

Mercedes GLA price and release date

Sales of the new 2014 Mercedes GLA should start in late November, but the first deliveries will be made, most likely in the early months of 2014.

Mercedes GLA prices are likely to start at around £25,000, which puts it in a similar price range to its rivals from Audi and BMW. Compare it with Mercedes A-Class (on which it was based) and you’ll have a big price difference, but with the Audi Q3 costing from £25,270 and the BMW X1 starting at £23,930, the 2014 Mercedes GLA should sit neatly in between them in the marketplace.

2014 Mercedes-Benz GLA Video Presentation

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