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Five Ford Cars which would make even Henry Ford Proud

Perhaps Carl Benz, the German , is accredited with the invention of the automobile but the new concept of changing the production line was introduced by an American inventor named Henry Ford. Now, 150 years after his birth, let’s take a look at five Ford cars that Henry Ford would be extremely proud of.

Probably TOP 5 Best Ford models ever Built

Ford Mustang Wallpaper

Ford Mustang: placed on the market in 1964 and meanwhile at its fifth generation, Ford Mustang is responsible for the Muscle Cars class, still giving one of the most spectacular duels in the auto industry, with rivals such as the Chevrolet Camaro and Dodge Challenger.

Also, we are extremely confident that Henry Ford would be proud not only of the standard version of this masterpiece, but also the high-performance version of it. And who would not be proud of what Carroll Shelby has managed to achieve – a car that, when is not being sold at an auction for a few hundred thousand dollars (first generation), offers its owners up to 662 horsepower and performance matched only by supercars (last generation).

Ford GT40 Legendary

Ford GT40: Four-time winner in the 24 Hours of Le Mans – in 1966, 1967, 1968 and 1969, the legendary Ford GT40 probably gave a spurt of joy even to Ferruccio Lamborghini, so there’s no doubt: Henry Ford would be more than happy to have his name on the bonnet.

Moreover, we are equally sure that the American industrialist would’ve had a soft spot for its modern interpretation, which can boast both with an ultra-lightweight body kit in which aluminum plays a very important role next to the mid-mounted V8 engine – 5.4 liter, along with a Lysholm supercharger gathering no less than 550 horsepower, top speed of 330 kilometers.

Ford F-Series Strong

Ford F-Series: The Ford F-Series range is far from being the most interesting choice offered by the American manufacturer (not when it comes to the Old Continent, at least), but the 12 generations were sold in more than 34 million copies worldwide making this variant one of the most – if not the most, successful car (s) in the History of Ford!

In addition, it is quite unlikely that Henry Ford would be angry when finding his name on a model such as the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor – model which,without too much trouble, can reach where other cars only dream of. Let’s also mention a model resulted from the collaboration with legendary American manufacturer Harley Davidson – Ford F-Series Harley Davidson Edition.

Ford Escort

Ford Escort (European version): Produced over more than three decades ago in five generations between 1968 and 2000, European version of the Escort was a success for the Americans from Ford, dominating the compact class and collecting victories not only in the auto market, but also in motorsport competitions.

Specifically, as everyone probably already knows, the Ford Escort RS managed to win numerous times both in the RAC Rally series, and in the World Rally Championship. Also, Ford Escort RS Cosworth could boast of being the first production car to have aerodynamic improvements capable of producing downforce not only in the backside, but also in the front. Ford Escort is proud to be the second best-selling car in the history of American manufacturer after F-Series lineup, if you’re wondering how successful the car was on the market.

Ford Mondeo

Ford Mondeo (especially the latest generation):

Even if Henry would probably be upset seeing how slow the production of the new Ford Mondeo is going in Europe, he’d be surprised by a mere glance at the exterior / interior of the fifth generation of the famous car variant.  Also, if we count the 2.0 EcoBoost 240 horsepower hybrid version equipped with a 2.0 engine and an electric motor of 35 kW, ie diesel variant equipped with all-wheel drive, it is clear that Henry Ford continues to inspire models proud to wear his name.

Ford Video Bonus 

Formula Ford Racer: 1 liter, 205 horsepower and 7:22 minutes on the Nürburgring track. Perhaps even the Queen of England would be happy to give names to such a “car”!

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