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Zagato TZ3 Stradale

Zagato has unveiled the fourth extension of the TZ range. Named TZ3 Stradale, the model benefits from a powertrain and propulsion of the old Dodge Viper ACR.

Until we witness the first Dodge Viper produced by FiatChrysler alliance, we must appreciate the latest creation of the design house Zagato. They set out, as promised a few months ago, the Zagato TZ3 Stradale concept, a new homage to the Alfa Romeo brand.

Although many people would be tempted to believe that we are observing a complete model Italian, Zagato used the driving train and propulsion from the old Dodge Viper ACR, over which they placed a carbon fiber body, modeled in the Alfa Romeo style. Even if this is a purely Italian model, lines drawn by Zagato are inspired by the Perani Z-One concept, which properly celebrate the venerable age of the Fiat divisionary.

The fourth model of the TZ range, after TZ, TZ2 and TZ3 Corsa (unveiled last year at Villa d’Este) will not remain just in the concept phase. Zagato TZ3 Stradale will be produced in nine samples, enough to emphasize the exclusivity of the model.

The first copy has already been reserved for the American collector Eric King, the next two will arrive in Japan and Europe. The remaining six units are still waiting for their owner.

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