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VIDEO: Ferrari Getto Concept Study 2025

Ferrari Getto Concept Study 2025

Ferrari Getto Concept Study 2025 Video

A young designer named Christophe Jourd’hui has imagined the flagship of Ferrari in 2025 by creating the new Ferrari Getto Concept. This Concept Study combined legendary cars such as the Ferrari P4, 288, GTO, 250 GTO and F40. How about this dream?

We all believe that we could be car designers and get the job done better than Ferrari’s hired employees, and while there may be some good ideas scattered here and there, not all ideas are good.

Ferrari Getto Concept Photos

Ferrari Getto concept side

Ferrari Getto Concept Side Photo

Ferrari Getto Concept Side Photos

Ferrari Getto Concept Side Photos

Ferrari-Getto concept

Ferrari Getto Concept Front Photo


Ferrari Getto Concept Rear Photo

This concept imagined Ferrari 12 years later and seems to be one of the best ideas, also including racing elements in the construction of the frame and cockpit.

The idea behind the car is to maximize sensation when the driver gets behind the wheel, using a floating cockpit, which is supported by chassis cross members from above, and jacks mounted in key points on the underlying structure.

Called Ferrari Getto Concept (that’s Italian for “jet” ), this is the result of many late nights spent by designer Christophe Jourd’hui buidling the whole car design but also functionality and keeping things feasible and realistic, even with the technology we now have in 2013.

That’s all we know for now, from a technical standpoint, but we expect more to be revealed when the full version of the video posted below is released – Jourd’hui currently posted just a teaser / trailer for Ferrari Getto. Looking at the car, we can see the strong resemblance to quite a few classic Ferrari’s, but at the same time, find the fresh and modern side of LaFerrari – with added carbon fiber and hydraulic systems.

It would be great to see a Ferrari in the next years that even resembles with this shape, keeping the idea of a ​​separate cockpit. We love this idea and will follow this story and come up with updates in the near future!

Ferrari Getto Concept Video

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