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Saab prepares model 9-1, rival for the Mini and the new Audi A1

Saab 9.1 will be the first model that Spyker will make mark in the range Swedes buy from GM. It will exit the market in 2013 and is still at the design stage.

Audi A1, Mini and Alfa Romeo MiTo will have in the next years a rival brand on the measure of fans expectations. It will come from Sweden and will be the first project developed by Saab under the new order of the Dutch from Spyker.

The new model is known for now as the code 92, but when you get the serial version will most likely bear the name of 9-1. Mini’s rivals will take the German-British model the idea of “rebirth” of an old pattern, design or following to be a modern re-edition Saab models that they put on the market in the 50s.

According to information first published by Autocar, the components of the mini-segment model of the future signed Saab will be borrowed from a producer named European car world, most likely from Opel. Acquisition of technical platform and Opel engines will be covered by understanding that Spyker will sign with a Saab from GM to purchase up to one month.

The model will be launched in 2013, following that at that time be the fourth component of the Saab range, after 9-3, and 9-5 new SUV 9-4X, which is based on a platform developed by General Motors.


  1. I fully agree with author opinion.

  2. Mini will remain the best “mini” car (compact). There’s no rival for it! 🙂

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