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Review: Citroen Lacoste Concept

SUBTLETY, RELAXATION and SPONTANEITY Two brands, Citroen and Lacoste, a common purpose: to cultivate courage, creativity and optimism. Based on this values, Lacoste Citroen concept was born. The emblem of an open mind and, even, a lifestyle, this concept refers to a universe of holidays and pleasures. The concept car is a simplified approach, considering the basic principles and, not forgetting, however, a certain degree of refinement to provide the holder irresistible feeling of freshness and carefree existence. Lacoste-Citroen model states and demonstrates that there are other types of vehicles outside the compact ones.

Sober, but stylish, elegant and relaxing at first glance this vehicle reveals a sports morphology: a figure raised, textured wings and a tiny false door, the wheels are placed in the four corners and, you can also discover an interesting element, the rims are golf ball type. The model, very open, captures first attention. This promises to promote driving sensations while maintaining as the main line contrivance and elegance. Thus, due to the consistent cutting of the front door and the absence of a rigid roof, passengers are in direct contact with the environment.

And, as if all this were not enough, the concept offers the possibility to reduce windscreen, until its complete disappearance, in this configuration windscreen merges the bonnet lines. Lacoste Citroen concept has opted for a three-cylinder gasoline engine to be able to propel a vehicle suitable to this size and weight. Flexible, economical and environmentally, this engine whose stamp easily participate in creating a pleasant and clean atmosphere is the perfect answer to the logic Lacoste Citroen concept. The model is respectful to the environment due to motorization and design choice.

In addition to a bright and cheerful approach, Lacoste Citroen concept reveals a muscular and strong volume. Compact and robust : length – 3.45 m, width – 1,80 m, height – 1.52 m and wheelbase – 2.30 m, this model confirms Citroen’s design skills. The personality of the model stems from its purity, and as evidence stands its body of a pearly white, surrounded by dark blue zones with graphical shapes which highlights the concept value. The new french concept, Lacoste Citroen, was introduced at the Paris Motor Show 2010 and we invite you to read all about it here!

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